Inside the cute little doll

Part 1

When I woke up today morning I felt dirty…. Very dirty. I took a shower thinking its me physically, but the inner me still remained the same.

Few months back I met this person named X (cause I don’t wanna revel his name) he taught me how to be happy with little in life. I was past my relationship with my Ex when I met this gentleman. We never spoke much but were fascinated by each others presence. As a matter of fact he was committed with a girl when I met him. He being committed never bothered me until that night which changed my thoughts about him.

That night…. Samee and I are college buddies we had a gange of six. After graduation we got scattered for job and studies but to my surprise I ended up staying with Samee n Riya in their PG. So, Mr. X n Samee are friends already and it was Samee who introed me to him. Coming back to that night…we were all drunk and high for no reason. I could only see shadows of people around me but I saw him coming and sitting near me trying to start a conversation. I couldn’t help and started talking out my heart cause that’s exactly what booze does to you. It was dark and we were lost in our own world of lights. All I remember was his smile which was really tempting me to kiss his lips while he was still talking to me. Taking myself aback I asked my mind to control my emotions. He is not yours he is already someone else’s property Stop! Stop! at once. I slept holding his hand once I passed out that night and my friends separated us making him sleep in another room. Next morning my friends asked me a lot of questions regarding him and I felt all numb because of the Rum I had night before. They were explaining each and everything which happened and I was thinking Oh shit! What have I done? It’s wrong. This is not how it should be…Somewhere inside I knew that he carries the mutual feelings for me as well but Sam brainwashed me saying its lust and not love cause he is a total stranger to me.

To be continued…

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