Question marks!

Is this how God wants to forge me by putting me between temptations and tests?
Is this how gold made by moulding it in fire and heat?

Is the end result satisfactory as it looks from the outer end?
Or will there be ever an end result at the so called end?

If the road looks misty what does one do?
Shall I take a U-turn everytime I find a steep slop?

What, why, when is where my world solely revolves.
Will there be a full-stop ever as my question mark evolves?

The ‘Day’

During childhood support systems made sure its perfect,
From the past four years my friends made it pluperfect.

My travel from introvert to extrovert was always a secret,
But being extrovert has made me look like a pervert.

Traversing each storm with a fighting spirit,
Reaching a point where everything hurts my spirit.

When people with achievements drop out,
Making a looser feel totally abject.
Here I am aging another year,
Figuring the reason behind this lifespan.

A day that shook me away

26th Dec 2004

I woke up early toady waiting for my cousins to play.

They were still sleeping; I was exited and leaping.

My ping pong ball went under bed; I still remember it was dark red.

Now I am under this huge bed, while the bed shook warning me a threat.

Shouts and screams run! run!, echoing as my head spun.

Scared I trembled stuck under the bed; Prayed I could have been fled.

There came a hand out of nowhere, within seconds I was dragged out which was rare.

The weird noises still haunts me in my dreams; Oh I wish it happened in my sleep.

Suby Mathew

As a resident of Andaman and Nicobar Islands I experienced one among the terrible earthquakes of 2004. Apart from the fact that these natural disasters brings economic crisis it also leaves behind a huge mental trauma. This poem of mine is specially dedicated to the once who have been victim to such disasters and are still fighting to come out of it.

Cross Road

Yet another day taking me miles away, pushing me to the reality of a pathway.

A road with delusions of struggle, treating me like a muggle.

Confused which road to pick, I stand still and think.

The road never ending so were the thoughts, a glass of water to clear the throat.

I sat to write down about this cross road, to describe my life and to offer a ode.

Suby Mathew

Back then!

Navy Children School, Port Blair

Those memories are fresh in my head when alarm wasn’t set, but still I use to wake up yet.

When breakfast, uniform, tiffin and shoes were all ready to boost my soul, I would only brush and shower rest were served in my bowl.

Noisy school bus chatter crowd would make my day extra load, Bells rung assembly dispersed indisciplinary actions makes teacher frown.

Reading and writing wasn’t mush loved each subject had it’s own beloved, awaits for the recess to share the food to taste each others sprout.

Finally it’s time to go back home which now I know was back in school, Now the bell rings as an alarm to remind me the days when I was calm.

Suby Mathew

Dear Lover…

Dear Lover,
I can’t promise to always love you. I won’t promise you something which I can’t promise to myself. I will annoy you hurt you and piss you off all at the same time and that is the exact moment where I want you to push me against any wall, door, cupboard, fridge or anything that is close to us and kiss me till I stop talking. I’ll pull you even closer while making out and would gentlely whisper in your ears, “This is so hot but I really gotta pee and I’ll be right back”. Initially I’ll warn you before burping or farting and eventually I’ll start dropping gas bombs without telling you and still expect you to find me attractive. I’ll invite you for every little thing happening in my life, my mother’s life, my brother’s life or my friend’s life and her boyfriend’s life and I’ll always make you feel like family. I have a habit of randomly dancing on streets while singing as loud as I can. So I would request you to not disown me when I do that because embarrassment is too big a word to find a place in my otherwise clumsy life. I love clicking pictures of everything I find interesting. So please don’t get annoyed if I make you pose a thousand times in a hour. Take it as a compliment. I’ll also take intimate pictures with you and edit them in a way that will make them look artsy and write poems about them and post them on my Instagram but never tag you in any. I’ll tag you in memes though. That’s my way of indulging in social media PDA.  I would love for you to learn how to cook and not because I  am a feminist and I want our roles to be divided. Which I am! But because it will be fun turning you on while your hands are busy adding tadka to the aloo I chopped. I’ll keep writing you more letters to tell you more things and to tell you that I love you regardless of actually doing those things.
Dear Lover, 
I can’t promise to always love you. I can’t promise a relationship filled with marshmallows and honey. Sometimes our love will feel like how our tongues feel after having a lot of peri-peri fries, but I promise you that I’d be that cold piece of Kaju Kathri that will help you with the burning sensation. I promise you that it will never be a dull day with me, which you obviously know, considering the fact that you know that I am more dramatic than any 8 year old daily soap. I promise you that I’ll be always honest with you, and respect you and support your decisions and save the last sip of chocolate milkshake for you….Sometimes!
With regards and warm hugs. The best thing that has happened to you in a while.❤

Sea of lies

She is confident, she is cool about the lies she approves.

Her innocent face maketh everyone believe, the dirtiest lie that’s never reveled.

Her love for him would never fade, Hence the lies forever trade.

A day would come when the sun will burn, But she is happy and bold to face it all.

With her face held upward she sinks in this deep Sea of lies.

Suby Mathew

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